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January 28, 2011

Ive been having this conversation a lot more since i joined facebook.

It AMAZES ME that most people out there either don’t realise, don’t know, or just don’t give a shit about their personal security when it comes to posting their ‘activities’ on the net.


Your ISP, your personal details, everything about you can be extracted if ‘someone’ wants it !

I came across this article which highlights and explains the footprints your photos leave on the net. HOPEFULLY anyone out there that is uninformed will read this. if you know of people who need to READ THIS, pls send it to them.

As for TWITTER and other net nonsense that identifies your activities and location…. AGAIN… think twice..and then think twice again if you use them. The last thing you want to do is LEAD the COPS to yourself or YOUR mates !!!


I thought i would share some information, something i have not seen anyone go into detail regarding on any of the blogs or forums in recent years. It concerns exif data. Exif data is a digital code your camera imprints into every photo you take, and sticks with it where ever it travels around the internet and among friends etc. Details such as time and date, are easily messed up by just not setting your time correctly, but what is hard to shift, and what can fuck you royally, is the serial number of the camera used to take the photo.

You take a photo of a panel, and that ends up on the internet, with very simple software you can decode that photo to find the camera model, and serial number. Where do you think an internet search for other photos uploaded with that same serial number attached to it will lead? More than likely, your personal facebook page, or blog, website or personal flickr. If the shot is clearly a yard or night shot, thats your door off the hinges at 7am, and probably the camera itself, within your room, and more than likely for most, some sort of literature that shows you like graffiti on trains. Pretty tech stuff, but this is 2011 and thats a tiny part of the high tech shit they will use to track you down. So keep your fliks off the net, exif data is trashable, with techy software, but a simpler way to get rid of most of the data, if you must send it to someone, is to open the flik and print screen it and send that one.

Safe Benching


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