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SWET 100 !

March 11, 2010

One of the most watched and enjoyed projects of recent times has been without a doubt the SWET GOES RED 100 pieces in 100 days project ! Anyone who knows SWET knew this was going to be completed. The man is a machine ! Whats been refreshing to see is that not only did he smash it (he actually did more than 100 pieces in 100 days) but he also showed everyone that at the end of the day – painting is about fun …………….. ! rain sun snow … if your feeling it get out there. He’s not out their blowing his own horn…. hes not trying take over anything… hes just doing what he does !

If you are unfamiliar with this project – check it out. enjoy it…be amazed by it… !

Yesterday – march 10 – was the final day for the project. We had the sad and shocking news of the passing of a dear friend this week. Sigi loved and encouraged SWET in everything that he did. The final piece is another beautiful tribute! He will be smiling with pride right now.

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