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The Grand Palais

April 3, 2009

a couple of years ago, whilst in Paris, Marco93 organised for Trafik and i to meet Alain-Dominique Gallizia who was commissioning canvas art works for a show idea he had. By that stage, he had already had a impressive line up. i normally dont do canvas work for gallery shows etc but…as the saying goes…”when in rome……………..”

we were lucky to be offered the opportunity to be part of it…what ever it was going to become …. fast forward to now…


Titled “Tag”, the first global show of the urban art scrawled on world walls and trains over four decades brings together works by 150 street art legends at one of the city’s top museums, the Grand Palais, until April 26.

…..keep reading…..

the line up…


inside the Gallery


ill post mine when i find a good image if it…

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