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The Doors @

June 14, 2008 will now serve as a virtual gallery, updated with special features every few months. Each Feature will be delivered as a online exhibition, of sorts. Over the years i have amassed a huge body of work.. from paint to pencil to photos to knick knacks. This new approach will hopefully help me put a few of these things together in a manner that will let the viewer enjoy the topic for what it is……………. as opposed to the traditional navigating through ones personal website. lets see how it goes….. hope you diggg it !

First off the bat is: The Doors !

* The Doors” @ is a online exhibition of a collection of doors shot from several cities around the world. From majestic to wood, from cherished to demolished, from simple to mysterious, each door has a personality of its own ! Some will scream pure craftsmanship of another time, whilst others represent everything our society has deteriorated to.

As a kid, i was always opening them… as i got older i went from opening them to wanting to write on them to then photographing them….

You may recognize some, you may even recognize some of the ‘art’ on them…. all in all – check them out…enjoy them… let your imagination take you through them.



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