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Exit stage left……….

May 22, 2012

Its taken a little while, but my official website has been re-jigged and is now live.

As always, ive kept it nice and simple.

At this stage, the Blog is now current, with all past entries also transfered across.

Links to my book, videos and online shop are also now active.

Ive also added a new section – PROJECTS.   Over time, ill start populating this section with portfolio items as well as personal projects ive enjoyed, with loads of unseen images and details behind each also included.

check it out HERE

hope ya diggg – relink – and pass the word !



May 14, 2012


blast from the past ……….

May 13, 2012

 the 80’s was so good if you were a part of it…. the funk the fashion the newness of everything we were part of…… i do cringe at times……. but….. i still love those times and i still love the music we grooved too….. !

here’s a few that have popped up on my radar recently

and one of my all time favs’ ….still today !

Bondi beach

May 10, 2012

Fire in the sky over Bondi……


May 1, 2012

came across this…… such good dolly snaps from so many fav’s & classics !


WO ! !

April 29, 2012

 WIN !

Bondi BMX’in

April 23, 2012

This came through the mail today…. another brand ripping us for their own cred….

 it was a massive billboard image on the gold coast ……. great shot but how long can companies keep rippin images for free ?! ! ?

Kidult …SUP !

April 23, 2012

yeah Kidult !

Hiroshi Fujiwara

April 18, 2012

Japanse power house Hiroshi Fujiwara has dropped this short but DOPE mix !



April 11, 2012


my bloggin’s been a bit lacking of late…… a lot going on….. a new site update about to drop too….. stay tuned !